Dwujęzyczni – Montessori preschool in a nutshell

5 September 2019

Montessori children are independent, open to new experiences, focused on their tasks and persistent. They are children who believe in their own abilities and willingly help others. Montessori preschool shapes them to be respectful to others, but also expecting respect for their persons. At the “Dwujęzyczni” preschool, we work with children according to Maria Montessori’s philosophy.

“Dwujęzyczni” Montessori preschool – how we work

In our preschool, our work is based on Montessori development materials. These foundations have been developed by Maria Montessori. According to Montessori, the main task of education is to support the spontaneity and creativity of children and to create conditions for comprehensive physical, spiritual, cultural and social development.

Guided by these principles, we give children the full opportunity to work freely and participate in activities in a circle designed for the whole group. Children learn to work carefully in silence and focus on selected tasks. For this they use properly prepared Montessori teaching aids and materials.

How do children develop in our preschool?

One of the development directions we focus on is learning foreign languages. Children learn them naturally through play. Thanks to the characteristic ability of preschool age children to learn several languages at once and thanks to the friendly atmosphere accompanying education in our preschool, children quickly become accustomed to new languages and begin to use them without embarrassment often accompanying people who start learning a language at a later stage of development.

Apart from language education, we try to recognize all other talents and predispositions of children and use their natural ability to learn. We care about providing children with the best conditions for development – such that will allow them to broaden their interests and meet their needs.

Main sections of Montessori education:

  • Practical life – preparing the child for life, working on independence, self-service – eating, dressing, coordination and harmony of movement, using the toilet independently, etc.;
  • Sensory development – improving the senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste, preparation for activity in the area of mathematics, language, culture;
  • Mathematics education – experiencing mathematical concepts by playing with specific educational materials, developing a “mathematical mind”, learning the true nature of arithmetic operations;
  • Language education – enriching vocabulary, preparation for reading and writing, visual and auditory letter recognition, reading comprehension;
  • Cultural education – physical geography, botany, zoology, history, astronomy, ecology, multiculturalism.

“Dwujęzyczni” Montessori language preschool in Jeżyce in Poznań

Our Montessori preschool is located in Poznań, in spacious building, and its interior is extremely attractive, refined both in terms of design and usefulness of the space.

Children stay in bright and spacious rooms, which has a very positive effect on their mood. The space is filled with teaching aids compatible with the Montessori concept, and the equipment of our preschool has been selected so that it best suits the needs of the children.

For years, we have been carefully and deliberately supporting the development of children who are part of our preschool community. Thanks to this, we have been achieving successes that attract more parents and their children to us.

The children want to be here.