I want to be here

Our kindergarten is a place where the children want to be, eagerly come back to and look forward to spending another day here. We provide familial and creative atmosphere. Teaching self-reliance, we help the children develop an attitude of awareness, determination and eagerness for world knowledge.

Dwujęzyczni is our other home. There is space for everyone, so we focus on the child’s individuality. The education we offer is primarily emancipating, thanks to which we develop each child’s potential, teaching them to live in a society at the same time. The children in our care enjoy an environment of tolerance and freedom of choice and desires, which is extremely valuable to me. Dorota Matuszczak, the founder and director of Dwujęzyczni

We talk

Language acquisition is at its peak in the early years of life. Using the opportunity provided by the time the child’s brain allows learning more than one language at a time warrants superior linguistic competence in adult life.