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Montessori education

25 September 2019

Montessori education is an educational method based on respect for individual competences and skills of each child. One of its main assumptions is to enable children to grow at their own pace. Montessori education means trust that following this path the child will become fully independent. At the “Dwujęzyczni” preschool, we rely on this concept. Montessori education fills the daily life

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Education program at Dwujęzyczni preschool

6 September 2019

The goal we strive for is to raise an independent, self-confident person convinced of their worth. As teachers, our task is to support and guide the child’s development in accordance with their natural potential and abilities in relations with the natural, social and cultural world. Our education program Through education in the Montessori environment, we want to develop the child’s: Courage in thinking and acting;

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Dwujęzyczni – Montessori preschool in a nutshell

5 September 2019

Montessori children are independent, open to new experiences, focused on their tasks and persistent. They are children who believe in their own abilities and willingly help others. Montessori preschool shapes them to be respectful to others, but also expecting respect for their persons. At the “Dwujęzyczni” preschool, we work with children according to Maria Montessori’s philosophy. “Dwujęzyczni” Montessori preschool – how we work In our

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Montessori pre-school teaching aids

4 September 2019

In our preschool, children’s intellectual and motor development is stimulated largely by teaching aids designed in accordance with the Montessori concept. In working with children, we also use everyday objects that children often come into contact with in their surroundings. Teaching aids in our preschool In the selection of teaching materials and aids, we are guided by their impact on physical and intellectual development. We

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