The greatest language absorption falls on the youngest years of human life. Utilizing these opportunities at a time when the brain's cognitive ability allows you to learn more than one language guarantees the best language effects in adulthood.

Each day is alternating, natural use of Polish, English and Spanish in contact with children. Thanks to this, learning is free and resembles such free communication with foreign languages as with your native language. We strive for children to speak in every language without unnecessary barriers, so that they feel that other languages are not foreign to them.

Learning is stress-free, without creating pressure, which, according to Montessori pedagogy, should be eliminated so as not to discourage the child from speaking. We leave the decision about when to start talking to the child, thus minimizing his shame and fear of making a mistake.

We create an atmosphere of security and acceptance, which additionally opens children to natural language acquisition. Learning is like "speaking fun" that children love and are waiting for.