Pedagogy focused on comprehensive development, focusing on the spontaneous and creative activity of the child. Develops social skills, conveys ethical values, facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and skills, exercises independence and concentration. Everything in a natural form by experiencing everyday activities under the watchful eye of conscious and attentive educators focused on supporting individual personality traits.


English is one of the most important languages in the world allowing for free intercultural communication. The idea of our kindergarten is to associate children with English throughout the day, during play, learning and everyday activities. Check here how we teach.


Caring for the comprehensive development of children in accordance with Montessori pedagogy, we provide a wide range of additional classes. They are aimed at improving the musculoskeletal system, motor coordination, improving linguistic, artistic and cognitive skills as well as focusing on proper psychological development. Most extracurricular activities are included in the tuition fee - see here.

Communication with parents

In our kindergarten, we've been talking to parents for years, sharing new ideas. We value their opinion, we are open to their suggestions to improve individual work with children. Parents are kept informed of progress and emerging difficulties, as well as methods and programs, so that the upbringing process is coherent and consistent. We use social media for ongoing contact and sharing every day in kindergarten life.